Boston Business Journal
February 2016

Walden Behavioral Care, a fast-growing for-profit clinic for patients with psychiatric disorders, has opened the region’s first intensive outpatient eating disorder program at its new Waltham campus. The program is specifically designed for high school, collegiate and adult athletes.

Walden’s newly launched Goals program offers group and individualized counseling and nutrition guidance for patients in a three-night-a-week outpatient setting. Executives expect to have three-to-five patients enrolled in the program by the end of the month, and to treat between three and eight patients a week throughout the year.

“Studies show that athletes are two-to-three times more likely than the average person to have an eating disorder,” said Emily Slager, program director of the Waltham clinic, in a prepared statement. “Having an eating disorder can not only hamper performance and make athletes more susceptible to injuries, it can also cause serious physical damage and even threaten the athlete’s life.”

Supporting the initiative has been Paula Quatromoni, a nutrition and epidemiology professor with Boston University who has served as a consultant in establishing the new program. Walden has hired a new dietitian specifically for the program, which will be overseen by Slager. Funding to support the program will come from patients, who mainly use insurance to pay for services.

The program will be housed in Walden’s 7,500-square-foot Waltham clinic that opened at 69 Hickory Drive in August.

Walden’s new program follows on the heels of expansion into Peabody in the fall of 2014, and the relocation of its Northampton clinic to Amherst in 2015. The care provider also plans to open a new location in Guilford, Connecticut in April. Walden also has inpatient and outpatient treatment programs in Braintree, Worcester and South Windsor, Connecticut.

Walden was founded 13 years ago.