I went to Maine recently to help some friends with a yard sale they were having. The day before the sale, we were going through the items tagging a price on each one.  While we were tagging them, my friends were reminiscing about some of the items–how they acquired them, how long they had them and how sentimental they were.

On the day of the yard sale, beginning at 7am, people started showing up with their cash.  Piece by piece each item was taken into the hands of another and walked out of my friend’s life forever.

When we choose to leave Ed and follow recovery, we must let go of pieces of our unhealthy self.  All unhealthy pieces, even the ones ED has convinced us aren’t a problem.  Rules, behaviors, triggers, negative feelings and thoughts all must go.

Leaving it all behind forever is sad, scary and overwhelming. There is no price too high to pay for what recovery brings. The process of letting go is difficult but you CAN get through it with time, patience and hard work. It IS possible.

Commit to it.  Let go of two things a week and do your recovery tools to help aid you in the process.  Lean on your friends, family and treatment team for support.  Let go and feel your strength build inside of you.  You get stronger with each passing day and with each unhealthy piece you release you make room for healthy pieces such as love and happiness.

With health, hope and strength,