Change ahead stampChange can be a very frightening thing. The fear of it all can be paralyzing and can bring up all sorts of emotions that can put our mind into a tailspin. Even though change may be difficult, it is a necessary part of life and helps us grow as individuals. No matter how difficult the change is, we work through it and gain strength on the other side. We evolve.

When you are with Ed, Ed doesn’t want you to change.  He wants you to stay with him and listen to him.  When you begin to listen to your team and loved ones and follow recovery, things begin to change and yes, Ed doesn’t like it.  He doesn’t like it because he is losing control as you gain control.  You are changing the make-up of the relationship…for the better.  To leave him for good.

Changing your Ed behaviors is frightening because it is what you feel is comfortable and is what you know and think to be true.  If change happens what we can expect or what we will become is unclear and frightening.  But changing from Ed to recovery is amazing!!  The fear turns to triumph and freedom ensues.  Changing is what will give you strength and the power to show you what can happen and who you are …all good things because Ed isn’t involved.

So whether the change in your life is an Ed behavior, a life style change, a job change, a family change…whatever the change is, face that change with recovery by your side, a brave face, a strong sense of self, a determined will and know it will only make you stronger and will help you find your true self.   Be the change and reach out and discover!

With health, hope and strength,