As you may know, I speak to patients at Walden about recovery.  I meet wonderful people, answer questions, offer support and am amazed at their determination to kick Ed’s butt.   It is wonderful to see as I know what the outcome is—freedom!

When I speak to patients, questions about recovery are asked as the patients seek support from someone who has been there.  I love to brainstorm and offer my guidance.  We gather together in a room filled with strength and determination, a place where everyone of us just “gets it.”  All the while supporting the effort, the struggle, the fight and the hard work.  Support is key in recovery and in life.

Beating Ed can’t be done alone despite the fact he may try to convince you otherwise as he wants to keep you all for himself; don’t believe him.  Ed lies and is not your support.  Support comes in many forms.  It can be a family, friends, your treatment team, professors, recovery workshops, clergy, pets, support groups, sponsors, mentors and many more people.

What’s important is reaching out to a support and utilizing them to help guide you and teach you to fight.  In addition, supports can help keep you accountable.  Accountability is important.  If you are not accountable to your actions and your recovery; Ed sneaks in and could take you back into his domain. If you have someone to be accountable to, then you are stronger and can fight harder.

Utilize your support today and every day. Place a call, send an email, sign up for a workshop, go to therapy, enter treatment, go to a meeting.  Know that support is key no matter where you are in your recovery. Also, be accountable –use that tool as well.  Tell someone what your goal is, how you are feeling, what you need support on.  Recovery and life in general requires support for a fulfilled and stronger existence.  I support you!

With health, hope and strength,