I take yoga and enjoy it very much. Yoga helps me center myself, relieves stress, makes me strong and helps me appreciate, love and respect my body. Recently, the teacher incorporated a new pose into the mix (the Frog). As I got into the pose and began to breath, an uncomfortable feeling overcame me. I was in a bit of pain and wanted to stop. However, I stood my ground, continued to deep breath and felt the feeling. I knew if I gave it some time, the outcome would be beneficial and it was. My body felt great after the pose and it opened up my body in ways I had never experienced before.

There were times early in my recovery that I was faced with pain…a lot of it! The pain of eating and the pain of facing feelings that were so vivid, fearful and unknown. I wanted to run back to Ed because the pain was so bad and I didn’t know what to do about it. I cried a lot. I wanted it to go away and I wanted comfort. What I had to remember was that going with Ed would not bring me comfort, it would only bring me pain…a pain that would last.

Work through the pain you are faced with in your recovery and find freedom.  Remember, that no matter how much pain you are in, you need to follow recovery and know the difficult feelings will pass and you will get through it. Use your recovery tools (yoga, arts and crafts, holding ice, crying, writing etc.) to help you through the pain while you eat your meal plan and go to your outpatient appointments.  It does take time, patience and commitment but in the end feeling the pain and working through it will give you a feeling you never want to be without…freedom!

So, when you are faced with pain in your recovery and want to run back to Ed…don’t! Stay committed to the recovery process and to yourself and follow recovery. Know that by feeling and working through the pain, recovery will give you great things. Things that will fulfill your dreams.  Fight for yourself and fight for your freedom. Don’t give up and don’t give in…freedom CAN be YOURS!
With health, hope and strength,