I went to dinner with a friend of mine the other day.  This particular friend is an older woman, in her 70’s.  We were chatting and catching up on life when she told me she was moving into an elder community that had various levels of care  – independent, assisted and nursing home living.

She was telling me about all the events, friends and fun that would be part of her new community.  She was taking the steps necessary to care for herself and live a full life.  While listening to her talk, it made me immediately think of how her move was similar to the recovery process.

In recovery we take the necessary steps to care for ourselves, so we can live a happy and healthy life.  These steps include going to treatment, going to outpatient appointments, eating our meal plans, socializing with friends, trusting others, reaching out, self-care and trusting ourselves.

Like my friends decision to move to a new home that would provide her with safety and the care she needs, the steps we take in our recovery are to keep us safe, away from Ed and the dangers that go along with him.

Recovery shows us how to care for our self and live life free. It is a multi-step process, but a process that is well worth the reward.  Don’t give up.  Take the steps and keep moving!

With health, hope and strength,