Christmas gift box on wooden tableOne of my messages to folks is “Ed takes, recovery gives”. That statement is so true and I would like you to think about that statement this week as Christmas approaches. The holidays are stressful for most with all the food, parties, family etc that you have to face and if you are facing it with Ed next to you it can be unbearable at times. However, appreciating the gifts you hold within are important. The gifts that make you whole, who you are —-without Ed.

My wish for you this week is to think about the gifts that recovery has given you in your life and in your recovery. Even if your recovery started 1 meal ago, you have been given a gift. Ed doesn’t give gifts, recovery does. Look inside your world and acknowledge and appreciate the gifts you have in your life. Cherish them and use them as a motivator to move forward and grow.

If you are having trouble seeing the gifts recovery has given you, ask a friend or family member to help you.  Remember that a recovery gift is not the same for everyone.  To help you, a few examples could be: eating 100% of your snack is a gift, having an honest conversation with your friend is a gift, expressing your feelings is a gift, saying something positive to yourself that day is a gift.  Look inside and know you too have gifts of recovery.

For me, I am grateful for the gifts of family, friends, love, relationships, laughter, freedom, dreams, self-acceptance, strength, mindfulness, hope, feelings, emotions and so much more. Being recovered has given me these gifts and I hold them close to my heart and let them flourish inside my soul to help me grow, blossom and live each day as my authentic self.

Know this Christmas season the gifts that recovery will give you will be the best gifts you’ve ever opened. Keep the faith, Stay Strong and Believe!

With health, hope and strength,