I recently went to a conference on personal development.  I was excited to go to learn more about myself and see what transpires.  Over the three days I was there, I met some great folks and we shared our stories of life, spirituality, and dreams.

I sat one day chatting with four women over lunch.  These women were from all over; Michigan, Utah, New York, and Minnesota.  As I spoke to each of these women, they opened up to me and shared a piece of themselves as I did with them.  Amazingly, three out of the four women were recovered from an eating disorder.  They shared with me the struggles they had, what they have overcome and how they are today.

We talked about how life is so much better without Ed in it and how liberating it is to be able to live freely; without rules and judgment.  We spoke about the clarity we have in our lives and how that clarity gives us the ability to share our words with the world.  We mentioned to each other that even though recovery was hard at times, in the end, it was totally worth it.

I share this with you to remind you that recovery IS possible, it does happen and it is all around you if you look.  Open your eyes and see recovery through them.  Search out recovery and don’t stop until you find it.  You may be struggling with Ed today but one day you won’t.  One day you will be able to chat with someone and tell them how wonderful it is to be free…to live without Ed on your back and to decide what YOU want to do and why all without Ed taking part.  Recovery does exist and you can achieve it.  It is there for the taking…reach out, grab hold, and don’t let go.

With health, hope and strength,