Slow and Steady Wins the Recovery Race

Recently, I was in my Jeep running errands, driving along the highway with traffic all around me.  As I’m singing along to my country radio station, this red sedan comes up fast on my right, cuts me off, and weaves into the next lane.  He speeds up a bit, slams on his breaks, and then weaves into another lane.  He was not being patient at all.  He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings or the trouble he could get in.  He thought he could just bomb his way through to get to where he was going.  As I drove up about two miles, I saw on the side of the road that red sedan with blue lights behind him…a cop pulled him over.  What the guy in the sedan didn’t realize is you can’t get to where you’re going without being patient and going through the process, no matter how painful it is. If he just went slow and made his way through the traffic he would have made it to where he was going.

This scenario speaks to recovery…recovery takes patience…a lot of it.  We won’t get anywhere by weaving in and out, stopping, speeding up, passing, taking a different route (Ed), slowing down or speeding up again through the process of recovery. We must take it slow and steady gaining ground with each mile and each bite we take.  Not paying attention to our surroundings and not respecting the process will only get us in trouble with ED—he will pull you over, arrest you and take you into his custody.  So no matter how much traffic you come across in your process of recovery, have patience with yourself.  Traffic is part of (recovery) life, but remember that it does let up over time and gets better.  Take a deep breath and center yourself as you move forward with your meal plan, appointments, treatment, and recovery tools.  Do it all with commitment and care.  In time you will get to where you are going…I promise.

Are you being patient in your (recovery) travels?

With hope, love and strength,