NBC Boston
July 2017

Another Netflix production is at the center of intense criticism.

The film “To the Bone” stands accused of glorifying anorexia. It comes in the wake of “13 Reasons Why”, a Netflix series on suicide.

“To the Bone” stars Lily Collins as 20-year-old Ellen who enters a group recovery home to overcome her severe anorexia.

Kate Leddy who is recovering from anorexia feels the movie is oversimplified and fears the graphic images could trigger a relapse in some.

“The main character is really really thin. For me it brought back memories,” Leddy said.

Kate’s anorexia started at age fourteen. She said she was underweight, but not emaciated as the stereotype depicted in the movie. She sought treatment at age seventeen and is now 95 percent recovered.

Anorexia affects two to three percent of the United States population. One in five anorexia deaths are by suicide.

Doctor Stuart Komen of Walden Behavioral Care Treatment Center said the movie is too narrow.

“I would not recommend the movie to watch. I don’t know that there is any really redeeming value to watching it,” Komen said.

He said he respects that the movie was supposed to be a conversation starter, but feels it does so with misinformation, in particular when it blames families.

“I mean if it were that simple, more people in the world would have anorexia,” Komen said.