Curveball GripOne day life can seem great and the next day you are faced with difficulties. These feelings and life’s curve balls can happen at any time, any season and sometimes without warning. We can’t control life’s events and other’s actions, but we can control our reactions to it all and our recovery path.

When faced with strong feelings of perhaps anger, sadness, fear or guilt, don’t retreat to Ed’s world for comfort, go to recovery’s. The world of recovery can help you through those feelings and keep you away from Ed so darkness doesn’t take over. It’s important to remember that feelings do pass.   Even though it is very hard, feeling feelings is what is normal and needed for a fulfilling and balanced life and recovery gives that to us.

So when you are faced with curve balls in your life, hold onto recovery to keep you safe.  Pull out your journal to write down the feelings you are faced with.  Get it out on paper rather than leaving it to roll around in your head.  You can also call or email a friend to seek support in what is coming up for you.  Reaching out shows strength, not weakness, so talk to someone and brainstorm on ways that can help you.  To help your mind find peace, go to a gentle yoga class to balance your mind and body to find that place of quiet, peace and balance.

Doing these tools will help you through the difficult feelings and keep you focused on the path of recovery. Remember, along with these tools, disobeying Ed and nourishing yourself keep you on the recovery path and will help you feel better…and will give you freedom.  Stay strong and whenever a curve ball is thrown your way, catch it and throw it back, don’t let it knock you down. Keep fighting; you can do it.
With health, hope and strength,