When Ed is present, life has no color. Our eyes open and all we see is darkness. There is no light beaming from above and no color to make us feel alive. Color to Ed means he lost control.

Life with Ed is seen in black and white with each day going through the motions, obeying rules, participating in behaviors all in the darkness called life.

Until one day someone hands you a box of crayons. So many colors to choose from…all for the taking. All you have to do is pick one up and begin to draw. Recovery gives you the ability to use all those crayons each and every color.

With recovery your eyes are open and you can see the green of the trees, the blue of the sky, the bright yellow of the sun and all the colors of your life. The scenarios that play out day to day, the friends that you keep, the work you do, the relationships you have; they all have color.  Because of recovery, you can feel it, see it, experience it and appreciate it.

Life is colorful.

Living in the darkness is no way to live. Choose recovery and begin to see the light. Living and seeing life in color is like a blind man being able to see for the first time ever…simply amazing!

I am handing you a box of crayons…what color will you choose to draw with?

With hope, love and strength,