I went away for the weekend recently to New Hampshire. I stayed right on the lake and my view was a landscape of mountains. I could see the snowcap tops and the details of them all. I sat in the house with my hot cup of coffee gazing at the beautiful view. I was so appreciative that I am alive today (because of recovery) to witness such beauty.

As I sat there sipping and gazing, I noticed all the mountains. I noticed the definition in their mass structure and noticed the many tops as the landscape of them went up and down many times. As I looked at them, I recalled that mountains are like recovery, it has many ups and downs but when you reach the top the view is beautiful.

Persistence, hard work and taking your time in climbing up the mountain is key to reaching the top. Recovery is like that. It takes patience and persistence taking step after step to find the freedom you deserve. Disobeying Ed each day (every minute) and following recovery is a step upward to the beautiful view of life.

Know that the difficult times recovery brings (fears, being uncomfortable, intense feelings etc.) doesn’t last. The view does change along the way and gets better as you go along. Don’t give up. Keep climbing up and let recovery be your tour guide. Follow the recovery trail for that trial will lead you to amazing places. You may get tired as you climb but know you will get stronger as you go. You have the power and strength behind you to keep climbing. Just put one foot in front of the other!

With health, hope and strength,