I love Disney in Florida.  My friend just recently went and I was reminiscing about the Disney parade with her.  I was chatting about the awesome song the characters sang along the route when I was there last.  The theme of the Disney parade on Main Street, as-well-as parts of the theme song of the parade (when I was there), was “Celebrate Today, Celebrate You”.  That theme song really touched and spoke to me when I was there and I want to share it with you.

When you are with Ed most likely there is no celebrating today or celebrating you. Usually it’s only being in tune to Ed and his rules and obeying them.  Being on automatic, like robots being controlled by their master.  However, there is a way out of that and you can get to a place where you can celebrate today and celebrate you and it’s called recovery!

Following recovery each day allows you to see things differently; from the world around you, to inside your own self.  With recovery you get stronger and Ed gets weaker.  Recovery is a reason to celebrate.  With recovery you can celebrate each day.

I encourage you to celebrate today and celebrate you in your recovery and your accomplishments.  Celebrate each day, celebrate each minute!  Celebrate the fear food you ate, celebrate disobeying Ed, celebrate your asking for support, celebrate the lessons you’ve learned, celebrate following your meal plan, celebrate going to a therapy or a nutritionist appointment, celebrate the social event you went to, celebrate the growth you’ve achieved, celebrate your commitment, celebrate the recovery tools you use, celebrate your values and morals.

With each day and each accomplishment you’ve made, celebrate it.  Recovery is hard work, so celebrate all the steps, no matter how small they seem…they are all steps.  Celebrate being you!  The more you celebrate today and celebrate you the stronger you get and your attitude remains at a positive checkpoint.  I give you permission to celebrate…you deserve and earned it!

What will you celebrate today?


With health, hope and strength,