happy woman full of successMy nephew’s birthday was recently (a close friend’s son who I call my nephew). We all gathered at my friend’s house for dinner, cake, fun and presents.  As always, it was great to be with them making memories and having a great time.

When it came to opening the presents, my nephew was so excited. He was hoping for some wrestling stuff as he is totally into wrestling. He watches it all the time and his family goes to see it live at various places. They all love it…it’s crazy fun.

After he opened my present he was totally flipping out as I gave him an interactive wrestling toy. He was flipping out and couldn’t get it opened fast enough. It was so fun to see the excitement on his face.

As I watched him, I sat there appreciating his pure joy. His joy was over such a simple thing, but he appreciated it and felt the excitement throughout his whole being. It was wonderful to see. It got me thinking about me and the little things that bring me joy.

When you are with Ed, it is hard to feel excitement or joy as Ed robs it all. He sends negative messages about everything; body, life, food, etc. and it is hard to find joy when you are being bombarded by negativity all the time. It’s when you begin to disobey and leave Ed you realize what you truly like and what truly makes you smile. Yes, it takes time to figure these things out, but it does come piece by piece and each piece makes you whole. The rewards you get by leaving him are worth all the pain. Believe me when I tell you that you WILL find things that bring you joy—all without Ed. I promise.

Many simple little things bring me joy and excitement…going to yoga, meditating, spending time with family, going out with friends, being in nature, going on vacation to Disney, people watching, smiling and saying hello to others (even strangers), getting surprised by someone bringing me a Dunkin Donuts coffee (my favorite), a joke that makes me laugh, doing something nice for someone and much more.

Think about what brings you joy or excitement. Is it taking a bath, laughing with friends, having quiet time for yourself, giving to others?  As you begin to leave Ed, what pieces are filling you up and making you whole? Take notice during your day and live in the moment for when you do you are more aware of how you feel. Notice the feeling you get and when you find a feeling that is positive make note in your mind and write it down and begin to insert those things in your life. Search for all the things that bring you joy for without Ed there will be many. It may take time, but like recovery, be patient and it will all be discovered. Experience the little things…what are they for you?

With health, hope and strength,