I sat with Aly Raisman and shared with her my story of recovery and various aspects of what it is like to suffer from this illness.  Her interest to become more knowledgeable in eating disorders was wonderful to witness and exciting for both of us to engage in.  I then accompanied her on a visit with the patients where she shared personal highlights of herself and her life.  Her words of encouragement, a confident presence and genuine smile infused the patients with the strength they needed to continue to move forward in their recovery. 

Positive role models are essential in motivating us to be well-balanced and confident individuals, especially to those with eating disorders.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting such a role model; one who will help aid the patients of Walden and the eating disorder community.

Aly’s confident attitude, positive body image, living a well-balanced life and encouraging words will have a positive impact in helping those who suffer find the motivation to heal and find the freedom they deserve.

Cheryl Kerrigan