Dear Glee Writers, Producers, and Cast,

I am a sixteen year old who loves your show, but this season has been hard to watch because for the past year I have been battling with an eating disorder. It has been a year full of hospital visits, residential treatment, blood work, and lots of therapy and tears. It’s also been a year full of love, and embracing people and life to the fullest.

I’m writing to you today to say that eating disorders are painful both physically and emotionally. This disease is not overcome in a couple of days like it was portrayed on your show. I wish you had addressed eating disorders with the same respect and time you dedicated toward the character Kurt coming as gay.  It takes a long time to come out, but it also takes a long time to recover from an eating disorder.

Glee is a show that you watch when you’re sad and need cheering up. It’s a show you watch to recognize and appreciate other peoples’ differences. The purpose of this letter is to say that Glee is an amazing, unique show. I would like though for this show to focus on Marley because an eating disorder is not a quick fix. It takes away everything—physical activity, friends, and happiness.

With all respect and love,

– Female, age 16

P.S.- Eating disorders do not get the attention they deserve; they are a full-time job. Every meal is a battle. Marley purged, and purging is so dangerous, yet she looked fine. I hope the episodes stop portraying the disease like this because glorifying an eating disorder is not okay. And stereotyping it isn’t OK either. You made it look like only skinny girls could have the disease and that Bulimia is the only type of eating disorder. Body image is hard and I hope that you can consider and appreciate that this disease is serious, not a joke. It’s taken things away from me and all I’m working towards is getting the lost things back.