Walden Blog Author: Stuart Koman, Ph.D.

Stuart Koman is the founder, President and CEO of Walden Behavioral Care and the nonprofit Walden Center for Education and Research, both in Waltham, Mass. He has more than 30 years of experience developing and leading behavioral healthcare companies.Dr. Koman began his professional career in 1985 when he was appointed senior clinician, then director of adolescent programs, at Charles River Hospital (CRH) in Wellesley, Mass. Next, he served as president of Charles River Management, a subsidiary of CRH that grew out of his work and the work of others in recognizing the central importance of the family whendesigning treatmentprograms. Many of his innovative ideas were published in the “Handbook of Adolescents and Family Therapy,” which he co-edited and helped write. In 1990, he co-foundedChoate Health Systems, Inc., which provided integrated delivery of behavioral healthcare through a continuum of treatment services operating as one company. Choate’s rapid growth led to the formation of Choate Health Management, Inc. and Choate Psychiatric Associates, P.C. He also founded Koman Associates, which focuses on leaders and leadership issues in government, healthcare and business.In addition, he has served for many years as senior clinical adviser to Public Consulting Group, providing strategic planning and systems re-engineering to state agencies throughout the United States. He also served on the governing board of the American Psychological Association’s practice division.Dr. Koman earned a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College and his doctorate from Duke University.

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