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2017 Walden Center Annual Conference

Thursday, October 26th, 2017
Join other behavioral health and healthcare leaders from across New England in learning and discussing new dietary, environmental and medical risk factors leading to the onset of eating disorders. 7.0 CE hours are available for psychologists, nurses, social workers and mental health/professional counselors. Learn more.

2017 Fall Speaker Series

Join us for another exciting lineup of continuing education events this fall as we explore extreme picky eating, athletes and eating disorders and the intersection of trauma, PTSD and eating disorders and more! Continuing education credit is available. Learn more.

Recent News

Disordered Eating And Exercising: What You Need To Know

Women's Running - October 2017
Do you head out for a run or go to the gym maybe two or three times a day? Do you restrict your calories? Do you avoid social situations because you don’t want people to know what your eating habits are? Do you feel isolated because the only thing you make time for in your social calendar is exercise? Read More

Amazon Is Selling a Sweatshirt That Promotes Anorexia and It's Not Okay

Shape - October 2017
Amazon is selling a sweatshirt that treats anorexia like a joke (yes, anorexia, as in the deadliest mental disorder). The offending item describes anorexia as "like bulimia, except with self-control." Mhmm, you read that right. Read More

Bardwell Doweyko's mission: Broader eating disorder treatment

Hartford Business Journal - September 2017
When certified eating disorder specialist Rebekah Bardwell Doweyko returned to Connecticut in 2011, she was surprised to learn only one facility offered treatment for eating disorders, which have a higher mortality rate than any other psychiatric illness and affect at least 3 percent of the state's population. Read More

Boy moms: Raising a body-positive child applies to us, too

Motherly - September 2017
Laura Roias, LICSW, CEDS, from Walden Behavioral Care, confirms raising sons with positive body images it isn’t a simple task. She suggests these ways to boost body positivity among boys Read More

8 Silent Signs of Eating Disorders in Children

Reader's Digest - September 2017
More kids are suffering from eating disorders than ever before, so parents need to heed the warning signs. Read More

Netflix Show Sparks Debate Over Anorexia

Healthline - June 2017
“To the Bone” is praised by some experts for shining a spotlight on eating disorders, but they worry about the portrayal of people with the condition. Read More

Does Netflix Production Glamorize Anorexia?

NBC Boston - July 2017
Another Netflix production is at the center of intense criticism. The film "To the Bone" stands accused of glorifying anorexia. It comes in the wake of "13 Reasons Why", a Netflix series on suicide. Read More

After 'To the Bone': How Hollywood should change its portrayal of eating disorders

Mashable - July 2017
Netflix's new film To the Bone tells two stories. The first one, about the central character's near-fatal struggle with anorexia, is what the filmmaker intended to share with her audience. 'To the Bone' lacks the courage to tackle anorexia in a meaningful way. The second story is about the missed opportunities, omissions, and tropes that remind a skeptical viewer just how much Hollywood needs to rethink the way it portrays eating disorders in film and television. Read More

Doctor Sounds Off on Netflix Movie on Anorexia

Boston Herald - July 2017
Local therapists say a new Netflix movie about anorexia — the most fatal of psychiatric illnesses — could be dangerous for sufferers and their loved ones, dressing up a lonely and painful disorder with Hollywood glamour and portraying it as a “badge of courage.” Read More

Binge eating: Connecticut’s most common, yet misunderstood eating disorder?

New Haven Register - July 2017
Ask local residents what they think is the most common eating disorder, and chances are the majority won’t provide the correct answer. While anorexia and bulimia are conditions most associated with eating disorders, binge eating disorder is actually the most prevalent, affecting approximately 4.2 million American women and 2.3 million men Read More