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Is It Picky Eating or Something More Serious?

baystateparent - December 2017
As some parents can attest, “picky eating” is extremely common among children of all ages. For some, however, picky eating might not be just a phase — it may actually represent symptoms of a more serious problem. Read More

Cultural Humility in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Catalogue - November 2017
Here’s what we know: People recovering from eating disorders not only benefit from – but require – a strong therapeutic alliance. It’s the same extremely vital therapeutic alliance which deteriorates if there’s a lack of humility. Read More

Running on Empty: How One Man Faced Anorexia as a Marathon Runner

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - November 2017
By the time he was 17, Benny Soran had stopped hanging out with friends who ate fried foods and sugary snacks. He was training to run his second Chicago Marathon, giving it his all as he had done with every project, class and cross-country track competition. Read More

4 Common Misconception about Binge Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Hope - November 2017
In what may come as a surprise, binge eating disorder is actually the most common eating disorder in the United States – affecting an estimated 6-8 million Americans, more than all cases of anorexia and bulimia cases combined. Read More

Understanding Orthorexia: A Terrible, Tricky Eating Disorder

Organic Authorty - November 2017
The eating disorder spectrum is far-reaching. Most of the general public understand what anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder are. However, there are other eating disorders that affect men and women, too. One of those less common disorders is orthorexia. Read More

Weight-based bullying can lead to psychological distress

New England Psychologist - November 2017
Fashion magazines, television shows, movies and other media have promoted the idea that “thin is in” for decades. While there has been a slight shift in thinking recently, bias against larger individuals continues to be an issue that can have medical and psychological consequences. Read More

Walden Tackles LGBTQ Eating Disorders

New England Psychologist - November 2017
The statistics for eating disorders in the LGBTQ community are unsettling. That’s where places like Walden Behavioral Care come in. With facilities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Georgia, they have specific treatment programs for the LGBTQ community with eating disorders. Read More

Stuart Koman ’76 Discusses Challenges Faced by Patients with Eating Disorders

Trinity College - October 2017
Trinity College’s Science for the Greater Good series, now in its fifth year, recently welcomed its latest alumnus speaker, Stuart Koman ’76, the founding president and CEO of Waltham, Massachusetts-based Walden Behavioral Care, Inc. Read More

New Haven College Hosts Program on Eating Disorders

New Haven Register - October 2017
Eating disorders are centered around negative body images. But artistic images, generated by those who suffer from eating disorders, can have a healing power. That was the message delivered Friday night at Albertus Magnus College, which hosted a program and art exhibition on “The Images of Eating Disorders.” Read More

A New Eating Disorder Center in Dunwoody Neighborhood

Dunwoody Crier - October 2017
A second residential treatment center for eating disorders is set to open in Dunwoody in early November; this time in the Dunwoody North area. Read More