4-ways-balance-job-searchLife is about balance. Balance between work and fun, keeping things in check and making sure you don’t get run down. We need to practice self-care and be sure we take care of ourselves in body, mind and spirit.

When we are with Ed, balance is not achievable. The scale is tipped to Ed’s side and his side alone. We look to Ed for direction and acceptance. There is no fun, there is no nourishment of mind and body, there is no happiness, there is no self-care, there are no dreams…there is zero balance.

Following recovery brings balance back into your life.  With it, you have the strength, desire, health, dreams, drive and will to bring balance to your life and care for your needs. To add fun into a work week, to add self-care into your day, to join an activity, to get a new job, to help someone in need…all of it can be done by following recovery. Balance is key.

Bring some balance into your life by pushing Ed aside and following recovery.  Recovery is hard and exhausting so making sure you are well balanced is essential.  Also, adding balance, depending on what it is, can push your boundaries in a positive recovery way.  For example, you can join a new activity and meet new friends.  It brings balance as it is fun, but also pushes you further into recovery as it gets you social.  You will no longer be isolated with Ed.  Balance not only helps with mind and body, it helps you move down the recovery path to freedom.

So, make it a goal and bring balance into your world.  Join a new activity, go out with some friends, go for a massage, take some quiet time alone, volunteer, take a nap, enjoy a quiet night with your significant other, have a game night at your house, write in your journal.  Do whatever you feel will bring your mind and body into balance with the on-goings of life.

Thanks to recovery, you can mentally and physically find balance in your life between work and fun.  Disobey Ed, follow recovery and find balance.

With health, hope and strength,