Family All Together At Christmas Dinner1. Be present

It may not be the picture perfect holiday season when a family member is in eating disorder treatment. But focus on celebrating the here and now.

2. Keep things simple

Scale back on lots of travel during the holiday season while a family member is in ED treatment. Scale back on things that make the holiday stressful, large card mailing lists, office gifts etc. Keep things simple.

3. Give back

Think of ways to take the focus off a family member’s ED treatment by focusing on doing. Visit a shelter and offer a helping hand.  Go to an animal shelter.

4. Create remembrances

Create a recording of holiday poems, write and record a musical piece. Make holiday crafts together.

 5. Show love

Offering compassion and signs of love is especially important when a family member is in ED treatment. Take the focus off the material and just give a hug, a smile.

6. Remember life is impermanent

Celebrate the holiday here and now