Now that Ed isn’t in my head anymore, I am amazed as to what my brain can do for me. I am so grateful for recovery because if I didn’t have recovery, my brain wouldn’t be able to function properly. When Ed is involved, our brain is out of sorts, lacks luster and focus, and doesn’t have the nourishment it needs to function and thrive. With recovery, all that changes.

I was involved and attended many meetings over the last few days for work.  The work load was heavy, intense, and the days/nights were long.  Strategizing, number crunching, planning, it was stressful and a lot to think about. Even though it was a lot of work, my brain never failed me. It was there with me to help me think through situations, figure out problems, have effective meetings, and brainstorm ideas. It never let me down. That brainpower happens because of recovery and the nourishment I feed it.

Before recovery, I would tell you that Ed would never let me down and I could always count on him to tell me what to do. However, now I would tell you that my brain and my body would never let me down. I feed myself the proper nutrition and it never fails me.

Take the steps you need to properly nourish yourself.  Make an appointment with a nutritionist for some guidance; eat with supports to help you through difficult times, make meal plans a few days out to help with the anxiety, eat fear foods to help you continue to move forward.

When you nourish your brain it will react in a positive fashion.  You will think clearly, have the ability to multitask, hold intelligent conversations with others, be mindful of present situations, remain focused and much, much more.   So many positives come out of nourishing your brain and body.  Fight hard and take that first bite.  You have the strength to nourish, fight, and win.

With health, hope, and strength,