When the new year approaches, everyone talks about resolutions and what they are going to change or improve on.  Whether it is getting more sleep, spending more time with family, or spending less money.

For this year’s resolution, I encourage you to resolve to leave Ed, take your power back, find your true self, and walk with recovery.  When we are with Ed, he is in charge of our resolutions as to what he wants us to do or fix or change.  He is manipulative and sneaky and spins things to make it seem like a goal for us, but it’s his goal, not ours.  Take your power back and tell Ed “No Thanks, I have my own resolution and you aren’t involved”

Make a New Year’s commitment to you and your recovery and begin with a force behind you to be the best recovered self you can be.  After a resolution is made, action must follow.  Put the action in play and make a plan for yourself.  Make a therapy appointment, set some time apart for self-care, eat 100%, of a fear food, enter treatment, or reach out to a friend.  There are many ways to put your recovery resolution to work for you.

As the year proceeds, proceed daily by disobeying Ed and following the path recovery has set for you. The resolution to leave Ed and find freedom is one that can be accomplished and one that has wonderful rewards.  You have the power of choice, so make the choice and commitment this year (today/now) to disobey Ed and listen to recovery.  You can do it!

Exciting things are ahead for you with recovery leading the way.  Leave Ed and all his torment back in 2012 and step into 2013 with recovery by your side and a new found sense of power.  A new year, a new beginning, a new you!

With health, hope, and strength,