Don’t Let Low Self-Esteem Hold You Back From Achieving Your Goals
Save money, quit smoking, and spend more time with family.  These are popular resolutions that many of us make each year. But, although we approach these and other goals with positive intentions, only 8% of us will ever achieve them, according to research done by the University of Scranton.

So, why can’t the majority of people stick to their resolutions?

Believe it or not self-esteem might have something to do with it.

Self-esteem is how we feel about our self and it is shaped by our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  When our self-esteem is low we don’t like our self very much or value our opinions and ideas, but when  our self-esteem is healthy we have a balanced, realistic view of who we are and understand and accept both our strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, with a healthy self-esteem we are more likely to reach our goals including the ones we resolve to achieve on January 1st.

If your self-esteem could use a boost, incorporating these three self-care tips into your life could give your self-esteem the tune up it needs to reach your goals this year and beyond.

#1.  Create Positive Affirmation Cards  Positive affirmations are power statements that when repeated multiple times can positively impact our behavior and boost our confidence. Check out the Abundance Tapestry Blog and learn How to Create Affirmation Cards on the Go.

Examples of Self-Esteem Boosting Affirmations

  • I am lovable
  • I am worthy of love and friendship
  • I accept myself completely
  • I have a solid sense of self-identity
  • I see myself realistically and objectively
  • I find deep inner peace within myself as I am
  • I say positive things about myself to myself
  • I am a kind, caring, and decent person
  • I forgive myself for all I have done

#2. Keep a Gratitude Journal  There are so many things in life to be grateful for, but too often it is easier to dwell on the negative than to focus on the positive. Keeping a gratitude journal reminds us of all the wonderful things in our life we are thankful for and in turn we become happier.  Self-love Coach, Tamara Elizabeth, recommends challenging yourself to think of five different things you are grateful for every day and to look at the little things in life, such as a baby’s breath to remind yourself of the miracle of life.  For more tips on starting your own gratitude journal visit Tamara’s blog post titled Your Self-Love Journey – Keep a “Gratitude” Journal.

#3.  Practice Relaxation and Stress Management Techniques  We all experience stress, but if we don’t take a mental and physical time out every now and then it can have serious consequences on our health and well-being.  There are many proven benefits to incorporating stress management and relaxation techniques into your daily routine including lowering your blood pressure, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, and boosting confidence to handle problems.  A very popular and easy relaxation exercise you can try at work, school, or home called progressive muscle relaxation involves tensing specific muscle groups and relaxing them so you can differentiate between muscle tension and relaxation. To learn more about this and other stress busting techniques check out the WebMD Stress Management Health Center.

What self-care tips do you practice that have helped boost your self-esteem?

About the Author

Katie FitzGerald is the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at Walden Behavioral Care. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Framingham State University in Framingham, MA and her Master’s Degree in Journalism from Emerson College in Boston, MA. She is the editor of the Walden Blog and maintains the company’s social media pages. Ms. FitzGerald enjoys exercising and wellness writing, and is passionate about using technology to help people with mental illness get the help they need.