HappyNewYearsmallA New Years Day tradition is to come up with a resolution on how to change something in our lives. Whether it be to always make sure you balance your checkbook every month, resolving to spend more time with your family or stating that you’ll be on time for work every day. We all have things that we want to improve to make our life more manageable and fulfilled.

For this year’s resolution, I encourage you to resolve to leave Ed, to take your power back, to find your true self, and to walk with recovery.  When we are with Ed, he is in charge of our resolutions. He is manipulative and sneaky and spins things to make it seem like a goal for us, but it’s his goal, not ours.  Take your power back and tell Ed, “No Thanks, I have my own resolution and you aren’t involved.”

Steps to put this resolution into action are to make an appointment with therapist or nutritionist, eat 100% of your meal plan, or ask for help and commit to your recovery. All you need to do is take the first step to get started.  You CAN do it!

As the year goes on, proceed daily by disobeying Ed and following the path recovery has set for you.  The resolution to leave Ed and find freedom is one that can be accomplished and one that has wonderful rewards.  You have the power of choice, so make the choice and commitment this year, today, to disobey Ed and listen to recovery.  Utilize the tools that work for you which may be yoga, journaling, arts and crafts, meditation, holding ice or affirmations.  Keep searching until you find what works for you.  Don’t give up!

Exciting things are ahead for you with recovery leading the way.  Leave Ed and all his torment back in 2013 and step into 2014 with recovery by your side and a new found sense of power.

With health, hope and strength,