Patient Testimonials

“I am truly in debt to Walden for changing and saving my life.” — Inpatient

“I was welcomed to Walden with open arms and hearts from the very first call I made to admissions.” — Inpatient

“From the first moment I walked through the door at Alcott, I felt the compassion and genuine care of the staff for my recovery.” — Inpatient

“The staff at Walden are clearly hand-picked and trained to perfection.” — Residential Patient

“Thank you Walden staff from the bottom of my heart; I am forever in your debt for saving my life.” — Residential Patient

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to have my daughter back. Recovery is possible, and we owe a big thanks to all of you.” — Residential Patient

“I do not exaggerate when I state that everyone who is part of the Walden team is not only helpful, but loving, supportive, knowledgeable and patient.” — Residential Patient

“I have learned so much about myself. I feel healthy, happy and ready to be with my family.” — Residential Patient

“I just felt so safe and supported here! I thank you for your happy, sensitive, upbeat nature and nurture.” — Residential Patient

“This program is a lifesaver! I’m SO happy I came here and have made so much progress.” — Residential Patient

“I owe all the staff a big thank you for helping to ‘flip the light switch’ on and to give me the kick start I needed to fight for full recovery!” — Residential Patient

“I really liked how the staff was willing to let us do things creatively. The crafts and games were so much fun!” — Clinic Patient

“I came here with low self-esteem, distorted and irrational thoughts, loss of identity, and unhealthy beliefs. Through perseverance, support, confirmation and accountability, I found myself; I learned transparency. I learned to live, laugh and love me again. I am eternally grateful to everyone.” — Clinic Patient

“There aren’t enough words in the universe to show how grateful I am to everyone here and how kind, supportive and respectful the entire staff is. You guys ROCK!” — Clinic Patient

“All the staff were instrumental in helping me recover. Each one brought a different flair to each day and each group. I couldn’t have gotten this far without this program.” — Clinic Patient

“This place saved my life. The individualized treatment is extremely helpful. I am so thankful for the staff and for all that you have done to help me. I like the changing schedule and variety of groups.” — Clinic Patient