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Netflix Show Sparks Debate Over Anorexia

Healthline - June 2017
“To the Bone” is praised by some experts for shining a spotlight on eating disorders, but they worry about the portrayal of people with the condition. Read More

Does Netflix Production Glamorize Anorexia?

NBC Boston - July 2017
Another Netflix production is at the center of intense criticism. The film "To the Bone" stands accused of glorifying anorexia. It comes in the wake of "13 Reasons Why", a Netflix series on suicide. Read More

After 'To the Bone': How Hollywood should change its portrayal of eating disorders

Mashable - July 2017
Netflix's new film To the Bone tells two stories. The first one, about the central character's near-fatal struggle with anorexia, is what the filmmaker intended to share with her audience. 'To the Bone' lacks the courage to tackle anorexia in a meaningful way. The second story is about the missed opportunities, omissions, and tropes that remind a skeptical viewer just how much Hollywood needs to rethink the way it portrays eating disorders in film and television. Read More

Doctor Sounds Off on Netflix Movie on Anorexia

Boston Herald - July 2017
Local therapists say a new Netflix movie about anorexia — the most fatal of psychiatric illnesses — could be dangerous for sufferers and their loved ones, dressing up a lonely and painful disorder with Hollywood glamour and portraying it as a “badge of courage.” Read More

Binge eating: Connecticut’s most common, yet misunderstood eating disorder?

New Haven Register - July 2017
Ask local residents what they think is the most common eating disorder, and chances are the majority won’t provide the correct answer. While anorexia and bulimia are conditions most associated with eating disorders, binge eating disorder is actually the most prevalent, affecting approximately 4.2 million American women and 2.3 million men Read More

9 Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction

PsychCentral - June 2017
Exercise addiction is something that impacts thousands of people and can be conceptualized like other process and substance addiction. So how much exercise is too much exercise? here are some universal signs to look out for... Read More

Why aren't teens seeking eating disorder treatment?

Contemporary Pediatrics - June 2017
Eating disorders can be difficult to diagnose and manage, and to make matters more complicated, a recent study reveals that just 20% of teenagers with eating disorders seek treatment from a medical professional. Read More

Walden Behavioral Care Launches Program to Help LGBT Community

WWLP-22News - June 2017
Those who suffer from eating disorders within the LGBT community have a place to find support in Amherst. Walden Behavioral Care launched a program that is the only program of its kind in New England. Read More

New director discusses binge eating, support services

New England Psychologist - June 2017
Kate Craigen, clinical director, binge eating and bariatric support services for Walden Behavioral Care, shares insight into her new role and expanded treatment programming for those struggling with binge eating disorder and related conditions. Read More

Family-Based Treatment: 7 Common Surprises Parents Often Experience

PsychCentral - May 2017
Based on our extensive work with family-based treatment, here are seven surprises parents commonly discover: Read More